Halloween Rock n Metal Show

02/21/16 - MPG will be performing a Motorhead tribute show at Lot 13 located at 169 Avenue E in Bayonne, NJ. After their extended MH set, solo artists, bands, acoustic acts or anyone that just wants to sing with the band, are encouraged to do so. Just email the band here, and tell them on what you plan to do and we'll add it to the list. Show starts at 8:00Pm and there is no cover charge. Hope to see you there.


9/08/2016 - MPG performs once again at Lot 13 with an extended set of Alice Cooper on Saturday Oct 29th along with Metal Goth artists, Wicked Little Dolls. More info to follow in the next couple days

10/30/16- Amazing show last night at Lot 13's Halloween party. The new band kicked ass.... Many thanks to Wicked Little Dolls. Audience was intense..great response!!!  More new shows coming up.

11/10/16- Mike has been working on a new album with the tentative title, "Legion of the Damned: A tribute to Eric Moore and the Godz". An album of songs solely consisting of covers from the legendary 70's biker band, The Godz and several of lead singer, Eric Moores other pursuits.

02/01/17 - Mike is asked to and accepts playing drums for the melodic, hard rock band, Heavens Ashes. Formed by Azrael St Michael (vocals) and Jeff Westlake (guitars), Mike joins along with bassist RC Ricci. Find out moore at www.facebook.com/pg/the asheswillfall.

03/14/17- The Godz tribute album, "Legion of the Damned: A Tribute to Eric Moore and the Godz" is now completed and available for purchase in the "Merch" section. MPG will also be appearingthis Sunday, March 19th at Lot 13 in Bayonne doing a set of Thin Lizzy songs after the Bayonne, St Patricks Day Parade.  After that, at the same location, they will be appearing at the Festyvul of the Godz on Saturday May 12th. Appearing will be original bassist/vocalist of the Godz, Eric Moore. The Godz CDs, posters, shirts will be on available for sale and Eric will be on hand to sign. He will also be doing a Q&A session with tales of their days at Casablanca Records, on the road and other interesting rock n roll stories. More info under the "Calendar" page. Other dates are in the works so stay tuned.

New album, "Bayonne, NJ"

05/14/ 14 -The new album, "Bayonne, NJ", was completed and now available. This album consists on 10 original songs along with 2 cover songs...one from Thin Lizzy and the other by The Godz. Lyrically, the album talks about the people, places and the state of this city where Mike grew up while musically it recalls the sound of the late 70's and early 80's. Some of the songs do appear onYoutube so you can check it....


New album update

Recording for MPG's 2nd album has begun....


09/01/13...Straight off the heels of releasing his critically acclaimed solo album, “Death in the Family”, ArcticFlame drummer, Mike Paradine began recording his second effort. With new co-writer Allen Carrescia, the album will again bring forward some personal experiences from Mikes past. Where his first CD explored the styles from rock to heavy metal, these new set of songs get trimmed down to the hard rock genre. 10 to 12 songs are planned for the album, including a cover of Thin Lizzy’s “Little Darling”. Completion for the album is scheduled for the end of November but as Mike put it, “There’s always a dark cloud over me so I’m not expecting it”. Tentative title for the upcoming album is “Life Isn’t Fair, Too Fuckin’ Bad”.


03/21/14..  Yeah, it's been awhile to complete the new album but it is finally done and is being sent to be mastered. 12 songs including the Thin Lizzy cover "Little Darling  and "Hey Mama" from legendary American cult band, The Godz are on the new disc. The new title is "Bayonne, NJ" as most of the subject matter is either about, or was inspired by Mike's hometown of the same name. It tells stories of growing up in an industrail city and which can be describing any working city in the US. A big record release party is being planned with the unveiling of the MPG live band sometime in June. Announcement will come within the next couple weeks so come back then......A hard rock band for the hard working man.....


06/11/14. The CD release party for the new album is on Friday June 20th at the bar, Lot 13, located at 169 Ave E (corner of 18th St and Ave E) in Bayonne NJ. The live band will be playing two sets of original and cover songs from The Godz, Motorhead, KISS, ACDC, Motley Crue and other hard rock bands from mid 70's to mid 80's. And in between sets, Chris Reo (DJ Slipped Disc) will be playing all the appropriate music for this event. Admission is free and the album will be available for $5.00. With each purchase, receive the CD single, "On a Tuesday Morning (the John J Harvey)". ...See ya there....


10/19/14 - The band performs at the Bishops MC annual pig roast...thanks to Bill Girardi for the invite!


10/24/14 - Band plays at the local bar, The Big Apple Lounge. 3 Sets of rock n roll...good crowd and reponse....thank you all!!!!


02/23/15 - MPG brings it's brand of bad-ass rock n roll to local joint, Lot 13 (169 Ave E, Bayonne, NJ) on Friday, March 6th. Starting at 9PM, the band will finish up with 3 sets of music from Nazareth, Motorhead, KISS, Twisted Sister, Deep Purple and other 70's to early 80's music. Free CD's, stickers and t-shirts to anyone who wants them... Metal DJ, Slipped Disc (Chris Reo) mans the turntables once again...  Rock n Roll!!!!!


 04/20/15 - MPG performs the music of Alic Cooper on Friday, May 15th at Lot 13, in Bayonne, NJ. The band plays a longer set of Alices greatest hits and then a normal set of Motorhead, The Godz, Nazareth, Deep Purple and other gritty rock n roll bands. Opening band is Vintage Noise consisting of friends, Pete and Tom MacCauley...  Show starts at 9:30PM and is being sponsored by Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey. The Fireball girls will be there with drink specials and free promotional items.  Just a heads up, if you plan to attend please get there early as it looks like it's gonna be a packed house.....